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Can a DWI Lawyer help me understand Impaired Driving Tests?

DWI Lawyer

As a DWI lawyer from a firm like Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson, Attorneys at Law can explain, impaired driving charges one of the most common cases across the United States. DWI lawyers are focused on helping clients fight their charges, because a DWI can have longstanding ramifications for any person’s driving record. The right DWI lawyer will look at issues with your arrest and address them before they make your problems worse.

Impaired Driving Tests

Impaired driving tests are sometimes referred to as Standardized Field Sobriety Tests, also called SFSTs. These tests have been approved by the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration to be conducted by law enforcement to establish probable cause, allowing officers to arrest someone for Driving Under the Influence. There are three tests that NHTSA has approved and they are:

  • The Walk and Turn Test
  • The Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test
  • The One Legged Stand Test

What are these Impaired Driving Tests

The first test is the walk and turn test. It’s important to remember that when the police are attempting to arrest you under a suspicion of DWI, they’re going to try to connect the dots with some red flags such as weaving, an odor of alcohol, or red glossy eyes. These are all further signs that you’re impaired.

During the walk and turn they are going to give you specific instructions, including the exact number of steps forward and the exact number of steps back. They may even provide instructions on the exact way your toes of one foot should hit the back your other foot. Any deviation from these steps is counted against you as a factor in your arrest.

The same holds true for the horizontal gaze nystagmus test. With this test, the police will be looking for an involuntary jerking of the eyes. This is difficult, because you can’t control the movement. When the officer shines a light in your eye and then moves it to a 45 degree angle, your eyes will involuntarily jerk if you have an impairing substance in your system. This is called a nystagmus. But you can also have a nystagmus from medications, prior head trauma and a variety of other factors.

The one legged stand is simple enough test. You’ll have to stand on one leg for the period the officer requests. But, any swaying and movement is counted against you. Unfortunately, some people can’t do this test even when they’re completely sober, and prior injuries can effect their results.

Your DWI lawyer should understand these complications, and the right lawyer will focus on helping you should something be reported about your inability to complete these test successfully.

Help My Record to get Expunged

When it comes to understanding impaired driving tests, you need to speak with an experienced DWI lawyer. Not only will the right attorney know how to handle DWI charges, but they will also help you understand these sobriety tests and what to do about them.

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