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At Olesko Law Firm, PLLC, a weapons charges lawyer Flint, MI residents trust knows that for many people, their worst nightmare is being arrested for a crime. The prospect of a prison sentence, the impact on personal relationships, and the considerable expense it can take to defend your case can be anxiety-provoking. As a result, it’s only natural that many will take on a fight or flight mentality, which can be incredibly damaging to case outcomes.

While a person will want to be proactive, the best decision they can make is to stop, slow down, take a breath, and find an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Most importantly, listen and trust their advice as they can help you to avoid the following common mistakes that can be damaging to your case: 


Mistake #1: Failing to Contact a Lawyer Immediately


The sooner you contact a lawyer, the better. Failing to contact a lawyer can only make matters more complicated and can even damage the cases’ outcome. Some may hesitate because they don’t believe things are that bad or that it’s all a simple misunderstanding. However, this is often far from the truth. Criminal charges are serious and can have devastating results on the defendant and their families. To ensure the best possibility at a favorable resolution, it’s imperative that those charged with a crime immediately contact a lawyer who understands the nuances of criminal defense cases. 


Mistake #2: Speaking to Police Without a Lawyer Present


Police may either ask to question you or interrogate you after an arrest. Most people may be unsure of what to do. While you are told that you have a right to refrain from questioning without a lawyer, you may worry that your refusal could be incriminating. As a result, some may choose to undergo police questioning without a lawyer present. There are a few problems this poses. For one, it is the right of any person who has been arrested to have a Flint, Michigan lawyer present, and secondly, you could put yourself at risk for sharing information that could be harmful to you and impact your case. If the police want to question you, exercise your right to remain silent and refrain from answering questions until they are present to represent you. 


Mistake #3: Posting to Social Media Accounts


There’s no way around it. No matter your privacy settings or what you believe you can control, you should never post anything about your social media case. Do not post on your account, comment on news media outlets, or friend’s pages. This is incredibly impactful and can be used against you. Law enforcement and news outlets scour web pages when either investigating or gathering information. Any information posted can be incriminating and could potentially be used against you. A criminal defense lawyer from Michigan, near Flint area, will recommend that any defendant facing charges avoid social media altogether for the time being. 


Mistake #4: Taking Advice from Anyone Other Than Your Lawyer


Following a criminal charge, family, friends, and loved ones will all offer their advice to you. While it’s appropriate for them to provide your support, many may offer legal advice. It’s critical that anyone facing criminal charges not take unsolicited advice from someone without the proper experience. The only person to listen to for legal counsel should be your criminal defense lawyer. Listening to anyone else can be impactful to your case. 


A criminal record is not something anyone wishes to have, which is why the counsel of a lawyer will be critical. With their support, they can strategize your defense and ensure that you do not make any mistakes that could potentially impact the outcome of your case. Many mistakes are made when a person makes efforts to preserve or protect themselves; however, this can have the opposite effect in some cases. To safeguard your case and provide the opportunity at a favorable outcome, contacting an experienced criminal defense lawyer in the Flint area, Michigan, is imperative. Call Olesko Law Firm, PLLC, today.

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