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If you have been arrested and had a gun on you at the time, we strongly recommend reaching out to a gun lawyer Flint, MI residents rely on from Olesko Law Firm, PLLC. The police may have searched your person, house, or vehicle and seized a gun. Maybe they took more than one of your guns, not realizing you are a legitimate hunter, collector, hobbyist, or enthusiast. As someone who has a gun for home or personal use, you may be upset and confused as to why you are being treated like a criminal. If any of these things are true for you or a loved one, we urge you to call us now.

When it comes to gun-related charges, you do not want to go through the process without reliable legal representation. You may think you can just talk with the officers and clear your name that way, but in actuality, you may only be self-incriminating yourself without realizing it. Refrain from answering any question aside from providing your personal information (like name, address, ID, etc), and contact a Michigan criminal defense lawyer in the Flint area immediately. All you have to do is request a lawyer, and they should allow you a phone call to do so.

Right to Bear Arms

At Olesko Law Firm, PLLC, we believe in the 2nd amendment of the right to bear arms. In our modern society, we should be able to obtain protection for ourselves and our loved ones if we feel that we need to do so. It is an important amendment for when this country was founded, and citizens should continue having this right protected. 


Dismissing Charges

The prosecution may want you to take a plea bargain, such as time in jail or probation, along with prohibiting you from possessing guns for a decade. Deals like these are all too common, and we can utilize strategies when negotiating with the other side, in hopes that you won’t have to accept an unfair plea. We can work relentlessly in your defense and right to possess a gun, so call Olesko Law Firm, PLLC today if you are in need of legal help. 


Assault Weapons

We are well versed on fighting assault weapon charges. We understand the nuances of these cases, and can analyze whether a weapon is actually illegal or granfathered in as a legal item for certain owners. We can recruit experts on firearms to help us when evaluating the gun in question. We can imagine that right now you may be fearful of the consequences of a charge. You can depend on a criminal defense lawyer in Flint, Michigan to advocate for your character and innocence.

Call Olesko Law Firm, PLLC Now

If you or someone you love is fighting a gun charge, then now is the time to act. Do not wait and think you can talk your way out of the arrest, law enforcement is not on your side. Call Olesko Law Firm, PLLC now to speak with a Flint criminal defense lawyer about your situation before matters escalate.

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