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Domestic Violence Lawyer Flint MI

A domestic violence lawyer Flint, MI families trust from Olesko Law Firm, PLLC knows that as wonderful as it would be if all marriages were able to last forever, many of them end in divorce because of trouble in the home. Despite a couples best efforts to work through their issues and repair their relationships, they just may not be able to. Coming to terms with divorce isn’t easy because the process can be long and emotionally draining. When considering divorce, it’s important to not take the decision lightly as it can change your life considerably.

If you have been the victim of domestic violence, and need assistance while getting somewhere safe, then we urge you to contact Olesko Law Firm, PLLC in Flint, Michigan right now. You may need a family law lawyer to answer questions and offer advice on how to proceed. There are a number of reasons why a married couple may decide to divorce, including but not limited to the following: 

Repair of the Relationship

It is often a good indicator that divorce is imminent if one or both partners are unwilling to work on the relationship. Waiting for the other person to change their mind will only make the process more painful. As difficult as this may be to come to terms with, waiting to see if things will change may not prove to be useful, and may only prevent you from moving forward. 

Domestic Violence

If your partner is an unsafe person, or someone who causes physical or emotional harm to you, divorce is vital in moving forward. Continuing to stay in an unhealthy and violent relationship puts not only yourself at risk, but your children at risk as well. When a spouse is emotionally or physically abusive, has untreated mental health issues, abuses substances, or brings unsafe people into your home; you or someone you love could get seriously injured. If this rings true for you, then speaking with a Flint, MI lawyer from our law firm is a wise next step in getting free from danger.

You Have No Future Together

If you can foresee a future without your spouse in it, it may not make sense to continue with the relationship. Envisioning a life with another person or your future moving in a completely different direction without taking into account your partner, usually indicates a problem with your marriage. If you are not able to reciprocate your spouse’s feelings or plan a future with them it may be time to consider divorce. 

The Spark is Gone

It is common for couples to grow apart and lose their spark, especially if they have been married for a long time. Considering a divorce may be the best option when you and your partner do not have any passion towards each other or shared interests. In some cases, couples are able to work through this. In the event that they are unable to, problems may continue to arise, making divorce inevitable.  

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Coming to terms with your own divorce is likely to be a challenge, both emotionally and financially. In most cases, the person you were married to has been in your life for many years, making it even more difficult to part ways. Despite this, when there are more hardships, bad times, and challenges in your marriage than there are good things, it may be in your best interest to divorce. Consulting with a family law lawyer will be helpful if you are considering divorce or are ready to begin the divorce process.

Lastly, if you are in danger because of domestic violence in the home, you may need legal intervention to keep yourself safe. Contact us at Olesko Law Firm, PLLC in Michigan as soon as possible for the guidance you need. 

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