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Domestic Violence Lawyer Flint, MI  

Domestic Violence Lawyer Flint, MI

Domestic Violence lawyer Flint, MI   Domestic violence is a serious thing to be charged with, and it is crucial that you contact an attorney right away to protect your rights. Never speak with law enforcement without having a lawyer by your side, even if you are entirely innocent of whatever they are accusing you of. People can be wrongly imprisoned, and a domestic dispute is never taken lightly. Contact a domestic violence lawyer Flint, MI residents trust to get started on your case immediately. Olesko Law Firm, PLLC has had lots of experience with cases like this, and someone from our firm will be happy to speak with you to set up a consultation to begin moving forward.

Examples of Domestic Abuse

There are many different things someone in your household can accuse you of that constitute domestic abuse. Both emotional and physical abuse will constitute a domestic abuse case, but it is more difficult for a prosecutor to get anything out of an emotional abuse case. Here are some examples of different types of domestic abuse:

  • Physical abuse occurs when the abuser harms someone else. This could be directly by punching, shoving, hitting, or hurting another person with an object.
  • Emotional abuse, though more difficult to prove, can be a criminal offense when it disturbs an individual at work or school. It can also be seen in cases that involve stalking or making someone afraid enough to not be able to do normal activities. Emotional abuse can also be if the abuser withholds necessities such as food, water, and medication, or if they use intimidation tactics to scare someone.
  • Sexual abuse can also be a form of domestic violence. If someone has unwanted sexual contact with another person, or with a minor, it can constitute as sexual abuse.

A Flint, MI lawyer at Olesko Law Firm, PLLC can evaluate your situation and give their professional opinion about what a judge will think, then begin building a defense. The sooner you do this, the better your attorney can protect you from others and from making mistakes yourself.

Misunderstandings Regarding Domestic Abuse

Misunderstandings are common in relationships, but they can be catastrophic if they are regarding a domestic abuse case. Some things domestic violence lawyers have seen as legitimate defenses in a case like this would include:

  • The person did not do the crime
  • The story was fabricated for some sort of gain by the prosecution
  • The person accused has a legitimate alibi, proving that there was no way they could have performed the crime
  • The accused was merely using self defense

Hire a Domestic Violence Lawyer from Olesko Law Firm, PLLC Today

It is important to have an attorney who is on your side if you are accused of domestic violence against someone in your household. He or she can evaluate the situation and help you decide how to move forward with the allegations that have been made against you. Don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer today so that you can prevent any actions being taken against you.

Domestic violence charges are serious, and a domestic violence lawyer in Flint, MI knows that if you do not fight these charges quickly it could mean jail time or cause more problems for you in the future. While you may be concerned about a criminal record or jail time with these charges, you may also be wondering how this will affect your family life: you may not get to see your child anymore or your family may cut you off. It is important to get ahead of these charges as soon as you are informed of them and reach out to a trusted attorney at Olesko Law Firm.

Who can be involved in domestic violence charges? 

For the most part, if you live with someone or are related to someone you could be involved in a domestic violence dispute with them. Common people involved in these types of disputes are:

  • Spouses or ex-spouses
  • Children
  • A sexual or dating partner
  • People who live together
  • Those who are related by blood or marriage
  • What if I was defending myself?

In instances where you state that you were defending yourself, a Flint, Michigan domestic violence lawyer knows you will need to prove a few things:

  • The other party was threatening to physically harm you or was actively physically harming you
  • You defended yourself with a reasonable amount of physical force that matched the other party’s

For example, if a spouse threw a punch at you and you decided to shoot them, these levels of force would not match and you would have escalated the aggression. Unless you felt that your life was being threatened and there was no way out, you would need to show that you used an appropriate amount of physical force to safely get away.

Can I get these charges reduced? 

It is possible to get these charges reduced if your attorney does not believe that they could be fully dropped. For example, if you can prove that the other person was not a member of your household, it is possible to get the domestic violence charges reduced or changed to another charge.

If you are convicted of domestic violence, you may find future opportunities close quickly: where you can live, whether you can adopt, or where you can work. Don’t rely on your own testimony to fight these charges. Work with a skilled domestic violence lawyer in Flint, Michigan today.

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