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Consequences of Sex Discrimination 

Sex Discrimination Lawyer

Sex Discrimination LawyerDiscrimination in the workplace is an all too common occurrence, and sex discrimination is just one type of mistreatment that many people go through. If you experience sex discrimination at work, you have resources that you can use to report the incident so the person is held accountable. As a sex discrimination lawyer like one at Barry P. Goldberg can tell you, there are laws put in place that help to protect victims. Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act makes it illegal to discriminate against a person based on their sex or gender identity. If you want to report your experience, reach out to a trusted lawyer so that they can work quickly to resolve your case. You likely have several questions about what to expect out of a sex discrimination case, such as the ways in which sex discrimination affects victims.

Limited Professional Mobility 

One of the common consequences that victims of workplace sex discrimination suffer is a disability to achieve professional growth. They may struggle to get a promotion or remain stuck in their current roles due to discrimination. For example, a boss at a manufacturing business may continuously choose to promote male workers over female workers because they don’t believe female workers are qualified or lack the strength to do the physical tasks. 

Reduced Income

Employers must pay their workers equally if they have the same role. Victims of sex discrimination often have much lower income compared to those who are not mistreated at their work. If a male worker is being paid a reduced wage compared to female workers who hold the same qualifications and do the same job, it may be a case of sex discrimination. Workers should receive the same pay regardless of what their sex or gender is. 

Shame and Humiliation 

If a worker is being discriminated against based on their sex or gender, it can cause psychological harm, lack of confidence, and feelings of shame. A worker might not be able to perform as well in their job if they have been discriminated against. This may cause issues that impact how a worker is able to form and maintain connections and relationships at work. This can result in long-term consequences that affect a worker’s self-esteem and overall mental health, which can also affect their personal relationships outside of work. 

The consequences of sex discrimination can affect victims long after the incident. To learn about your rights and how you can take legal action against sex discrimination, meet with a trusted sex discrimination lawyer today. 


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