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Dealing with Sexual Harassment at Work

It is not an easy feat for one to differentiate sexual harassment from the everyday innocent and flirty workplace behavior. “Sexual harassment” is a term coined to describe the unwelcomed physical or verbal sexual conduct, sexual advances, and/or requests for sexual favors of another individual. If you think you are being sexually harassed by a coworker or boss, you should consider confronting them about their inappropriate behavior. This usually stops harassment, as it embarrasses the individual that is doing the harassing. If you are able to do this without fear, walk up to your harasser and state that you do not like their sexual comments, advances, or requests. Make sure to remain serious and not to smile or act timid. If this does not work, file a complaint with your company and make it known to your boss or head manager that you want the harasser to be punished and reprimanded for their behavior. If your boss is the one sexually harassing you, try to go to the human resources department or someone above him or her.

Steps Taken to Report the Harassment

It is crucial that you report any form of sexual harassment so that the harasser does not get away with it and do it to someone else. Your employer is legally responsible for a co-worker’s sexually harassing conduct and can take steps to prevent the harasser from doing it again. It is best to notify your human resources department or employer in writing, and to save a copy of the document as well as evidence. In the document, make sure to describe the problem as detailed as possible and give possible solutions as to how you want it fixed. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act forbids your employer from retaliating against you for speaking out against your sexual harasser or for filing a charge of sexual harassment. If your harasser does not stop after you have taken all of these steps, you should consider hiring an investigator and sexual harassment attorney. This will ensure that you bring justice to your harasser and that they cannot further harass you.

Consider Legal Counsel

Sexual harassment can be traumatizing. If you or a loved one have experienced sexual harassment in your workplace, please do not hesitate to contact an employment litigation lawyer, like a lawyer at Eric Siegel Law. These lawyers can help you establish a case and hold those accountable for their harassing actions.

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