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Finding the Right Divorce Lawyer for You

If you and/or your spouse has opted to file for divorce, you are likely navigating a to-do list a mile long on top of trying to process this transition emotionally. There is no question that the divorce process is profoundly stressful, even when couples are able to keep their split as amicable as possible. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to find a divorce attorney with whom you are comfortable and whose approach meets your unique needs. Working with a lawyer you can trust can make all the difference in the world not only to the outcome of your case but also to the process of navigating the legal side of your divorce generally.

Specialties and “Desk Side Manner”

Just as physicians practice different kinds of medicine, so do attorneys practice different kinds of law. You don’t want to work with an attorney who focuses their practice on business law, criminal law, or estate planning. You need an attorney who either solely practices family law or who makes family law a major focus of their more general practice.

Similarly, just as physicians have different kinds of “bedside manner,” so do attorneys approach their interactions with clients differently. This approach can be referred to as “desk side manner.” Do you want an attorney who is businesslike, speaks straight to the point, and doesn’t spend a second longer in a meeting than necessary? Or is it better for you if your attorney is warm, friendly, willing to chat, and will take the time to make sure that you have been offered coffee before a mediation session begins? Choose someone who you feel comfortable with. Just because a lawyer comes highly recommended doesn’t mean that their approach fits what you need.

Your Vision for Your Divorce Process

When you’re looking to find a divorce lawyer to advise you about your needs and priorities, it is critically important to communicate your position clearly in a consultation setting with a prospective attorney candidate. As a reputable family law attorney – including those who practice at Winfrey Law Firm, PLLC – can confirm, not every family lawyer handles every kind of divorce case. If you have a complex portfolio of assets and want sole custody of your children, make that clear at the consultation phase of the process, which functions much like an interview does. If you hope to keep your divorce costs low and to co-parent as seamlessly as possible, communicate that as well. If the attorney that you’re interviewing seems uncomfortable with your needs or unsure of how to approach your case, you may need to schedule some additional consultations until you find “a perfect fit.”

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