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Criminal Defense, Family Law and Business Law Flint MI At Olesko Law Firm, our team knows that when someone is dealing with a family law, business law, or criminal defense matter in Flint, MI, they often need support and guidance right away. We understand that these types of issues can add significant stress and anxiety for a person and his or her family members. Our team of lawyers always have a client’s best interest in mind, and are here to advocate for your behalf. 

After visiting with a lawyer, it isn’t uncommon for clients to visit nearby staples. Tucked within the neighborhood of Flint, Thread Lake Park is a wonderful place to ground yourself and find quiet. Our clients love that they can make

Thread Lake Park

 the most of their day before or after appointments, and find it provides them with a sense of calm during a difficult time. Take a walk around, gander at the scenery from a park bench, and let the fresh air soothe you. Nature can be healing, and Thread Lake Park is no exception!

Memorial Park PlaygroundFor those with children or are young at heart, Memorial Park Playground is a great place to spark a little joy. If you bring your kids with you to an appointment at our law office, you can reward them with some play time. There is a swingset, slides, and much more to keep your child entertained. If your children are on the higher-energy side, why not take them here to run off excess energy before your appointment? They’ll love it! 

Olesko Law Firm is also nestled conveniently near the University of Michigan-Flint. Nationally, this college is one of the top ten branch campuses. It is known forUniversity of Michigan-Flint its growing status, focus on student housing options and activities, excellent nursing and doctor programs, and facilities it provides for returning soldiers. The offerings at this campus have contributed to its positive reputation and community buzz. Parents and graduating high school students frequently agree that University of Michigan-Flint is great for applicants and general visitors alike. Feel free to take a stroll at this Flint, MI college property that is only about a mile away from our office. 

These three attractions close to our law office can provide clients with the stress relief they need when dealing with serious legal matters. We understand the weight that a criminal accusation, family dispute, or business problem can put on our client’s shoulders. Trust us when we say we are here to support you the entire way through. Consider calling a local Flint, MI law office you can depend on, by reaching out to the team at Olesko Law Firm today.

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