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How Do I Divorce My Military Spouse that is Stationed Overseas?

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If you are getting a divorce with a soldier or somebody who is deployed, you may find that it is a hard process to do. So if you are deployed with any branch of the United States military or you are married to someone who is overseas, you may be wondering about the options that you have for a divorce. Sometimes a divorce goes like you need to do it immediately, because they could be the only thing between you and a new start. 

Getting a divorce while your spouse is deployed is difficult but not impossible. While divorce during a deployment is not always possible, you may be able to start the process now so that it can commence as soon as possible when you are back on United States soil.

As with many legal matters there are many factors that can influence your divorce and working with the right divorce attorney will help towards the right outcome. 

Deployment can be difficult. Studies have found that military deployments have a significant effect on marriage, especially if the deployment lasts a very long amount of time. One study has even found that military divorce rates increase significantly each month that a spouse spends away from their spouse. Researchers have also found that where a servicemember is Lloyd can influence their divorce.

If you want to file divorce while deployed or in another country overseas you have options. Sometimes it might be in your best interest to wait until you’re back in the United States to file for divorce but if you would like to start the process as soon as possible working with the divorce lawyer, might be an option. However it is important to pick a lawyer that you trust because they are going to have to act on your behalf during important divorce proceedings. If you believe you have returned from the divorce process.

If you do not anticipate that your divorce will be contested, a field link for one while deployed might seem like a simple decision. However it is still crucial that you speak with a divorce lawyer in Palm Beach, FL, before taking further steps. These lawyers are ready to look at your situation and help you make the best decisions throughout this sometimes complex process

Military members are protected by law known as the servicemembers civil relief act or SRCA, this means that they are protected from dealing with the divorce while they are deployed. If you are served with divorce papers, you can request a 90 day extension to give yourself more time to respond. If you do respond to the petition while deployed you are still protected

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