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How To Keep Custody Of Your Children - Father and son

How to Retain Custody of Your Children

Child Custody Lawyers

As if divorcing or parting ways from your partner is not already stressful enough, you may have to add that if you have children together, there will be a custody battle. You may be wondering how to keep or obtain full custody of your child. Keep in mind that as you prepare for the custody hearing, the most important element will be showing you are fit to parent and that you having custody is what is in the best interest of your child.

Perhaps one of the quickest ways to have a child removed from your custody is to get in trouble with the law. Something even minor such as going above the speed limit with your children in the vehicle, or forgetting to buckle their seatbelt, could be viewed as endangering your child’s wellbeing. Any sign that you are a risk to your child’s health will likely result in a swift removal of your child from your care. 

When preparing for your custody hearing, it’s wise to meet with a family law firm. They can also advise you on how to show your best self in front of the judge so that you are set to get the verdict you are hoping for.

For the custody hearing, show up on time and dress as if you are going to a business interview. Do not dress casually. Have necessary documents already with you on-hand, and ready to show the clerk. This shows you have respect for the court process and are committed to keeping custody of your children. Parents who arrive at the hearing ready and informed are going to be looked upon more favorably by the judge. 

Depending on laws for the state, some judges will consider which parent the child prefers to live with full-time. But this does not mean that the child will automatically go to whichever parent they prefer. Under no circumstances should you use bribery to force your child into saying that they want to live with you. Judges can often tell when a child is not comfortable in one home versus another, and bribery will only make that worse. The wellbeing and safety of the child is the primary focus. 

Another way to impress the judge is to be respectful and polite to the other parent, even if they are acting out in court. The judge will see that one parent is unable to get control over their emotions, and may worry that their instability could have a negative effect on their children. Despite how your ex partner may be acting, keep yourself composed and do not engage in verbal altercations. 

At the end of the day, a child custody hearing is for the child. It should not be used as a means for upset parents to punish the other for a separation. By preparing ahead of time, getting organized, dressing appropriately, avoiding committing crime, being respectful, and focusing on your child’s wellbeing, you are more likely to keep or obtain custody of your children.

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