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Steps to Finding a Good Business Lawyer

Lawyers, like those at  Kaplan Law Practice, have provided steps to finding a good business lawyer. 

  1.   Make a list of business lawyers that interest you.
  2.   Look for their web page. It can tell you a lot. If they don’t have a website you may not want to do business with them. 
  3.   Find out how long they’ve been in business. A quick call can probably get you the answer if you don’t find out easily on their website.
  4.   You want an attorney who advises businesses that are at least somewhat like yours.
  5.   One approach is to Google. Use this form: machine shop in [your city, state and the year.] Adding the current year will help you get up-to-date listings.
  6.   On their website look for the term ‘practice area’ or something close to that.
  7.   Bring up that page that matches or almost matches your business.
  8.   Read it carefully.
  9.   As you’re reading, write down any questions you think you might want to ask these people. Be sure to copy the attorney’s business name and url so you can get back to them if you want.
  10.     If there are specialties close to yours, also read them. Many good business attorneys work in allied specialties.
  11.     If they have any client testimonials, read them.
  12.     If they don’t have any testimonials, ask them for references. Be sure and check any references before making a final decision.
  13.     Check and see if they offer a confidential interview.
  14.     Their contact page may have their physical address. You want someone easy to get to from your office.
  15.     It also makes sense to ask other business people who they would suggest. Follow the steps above.
  16.     When you feel like your research is done, spend some time choosing your three favorites.
  17.     Make a note to yourself about what you like about them and any negatives you spotted.
  18.     Make an appointment for their consultations. Give yourself time to think about what questions you want answered.
  19.     Write out your questions and be sure you have it available for use. Include questions about their experience, how well they like practicing law, etc. Don’t be shy.
  20.     When you arrive for your consultation, let whomever you’re talking with know that you have questions. Then let them talk and listen carefully, paying not only attention to what their saying, but to your intuition or gut feeling as well.
  21.     When you get time to ask your questions, pause and relax and then ask the first one. Give them time to answer and if you need to take notes.
  22.     If by some chance you don’t get an opportunity to ask your questions, strike this firm from your list.
  23.     You deserve to work with someone who will listen to you.
  24.     Make sure you ask about fees.
  25.     It’s probably wise not to sign a contract if one is offered during the consultation. Take it home, read it and ask any questions it brings up for you.
  26.     If you haven’t checked their references, do so now.
  27.     Hiring an attorney is an important task. The right one can make your business life much easier.
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