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Causes of Truck Accidents in the Summer

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Truck accidents are more likely to result in life-threatening injuries than accidents involving only passenger vehicles. Although truck accidents can occur at any time of the year, they tend to be more common in the summertime. Here are the most common causes of truck accidents in the summer.

Fatigued Driving

Some truck drivers stay on the road longer than they are supposed to, which can cause fatigue. In the summer, the hot temperatures can make them even drowsier. Truck drivers who are fatigued may have slower reaction times and reduced concentration, which can increase the risk of an accident. To avoid collisions, truck drivers should get plenty of sleep and stay hydrated during the summer.

Tire Blowouts

Trucks have a higher chance of tire blowouts in the summer because the pavement is so hot. Tire blowouts can cause truck drivers to lose control of their vehicles and get into an accident. That’s why trucking companies must perform regular maintenance on their trucks, especially during the summer month. If they neglect maintenance and it causes an accident, they may be held liable.

Heavier Traffic

There are more vehicles out on Virginia roads in the summer. From tourists traveling out of town to teens drivers out of school, the traffic is heavier. Unfortunately, this increases the number of truck accidents.

Road Construction

With the warmer temperatures, construction workers perform road construction more often during the summer months. Unfortunately, this can also increase the risk of accidents. Road construction can create hazards and require changes in traffic patterns truck drivers don’t expect.


During the summer months, there are definitely more pedestrians walking around. They want to enjoy the warm weather like everyone else. However, if they are not attentive to oncoming vehicles, they can get into an accident. Drivers of commercial trucks may have difficulty stopping for pedestrians if they suddenly walk into the street.

Getting Compensation for a Truck Accident

If you were recently injured in a truck accident, you may be entitled to compensation. It is important to discuss your case with a truck accident lawyer. A lawyer can investigate your case and fight for your right to compensation. He or she can help you gather evidence and handle the negotiation process with the insurance company.

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