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Finalizing Your Divorce as Quickly as Possible

Finalizing Your Divorce as Quickly as Possible

Finalizing Your Divorce as Quickly as Possible Divorce written below broken heart and gavel

In most cases, anyone involved in a divorce wants the process to be completed as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as just filing for divorce. Even the most amicable separation can be drawn out by lack of preparation, disagreements, and misunderstanding the system. As uncontested divorce lawyers from a firm like Felt Family Law can explain, the amount of time it takes to resolve your divorce depends on many factors.

Uncontested Divorce

Spouses that go into divorce agreeing on everything will have a much smoother experience. There’s a lot to consider when going through legal separation, such as the division of assets and custody. In fact, custody battles and discussions concerning child support are some of the leading causes of divorce delays. Furthermore, if your spouse does not wish to divorce, they can delay the process by avoiding being served papers. Then, once they’re served, they still could have up to 60 days to respond, depending on your location.


A settlement is your legally binding contract detailing the terms of your separation, so both parties must be satisfied before signing. If there are any disagreements between you and your spouse, chances are you’ll need a third party to help you reach a consensus. Mediation may work in most situations, where the two spouses are cordial enough to negotiate a deal via a neutral party. However, if a settlement still can’t be reached, you and your spouse can bring your case to an arbitrator who will make a court-approved decision. Understandably, arbitration can take much longer than mediation.

Availability of Judges

Once a settlement is reached, you can finally file for divorce. However, even if you do everything on your part to ensure all the necessary documentation is signed, it could still take months for your divorce to be finalized by a judge. Judges tend to prioritize cases based on need, and if your judicial system has limited resources, you could face months of delays.

Unfortunately, there’s no clear answer regarding how long your divorce will take to resolve. With an uncontested divorce, you can expect at least a handful of months. Contested divorces could take up to a year or more depending on the complexity of your situation and the state of the court system. Either way, you should have a lawyer at your side to help you understand local regulations and set things in motion. An expert divorce lawyer will guide you through the entire process as quickly as possible and ensure you are protected, whether or not your divorce is amicable.

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