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How to Discuss Custody with Your Children

Child Custody Lawyer

A divorce is a stressful and time-consuming endeavor for everyone. If there are children in the mix, it can make the matter even more complex. As a child custody lawyer like Attorney Bernie J. Kempen, can attest, it is important for parents to fully explain custody to their children. Here is how you can do this:

Involve Your Ex in the Conversation

While you may not be on the best terms with your ex right now, it is important to put your feelings aside and focus on your children. It may be best to talk to your children about custody alongside your ex. This way, everyone will be on the same page and your children will know that both of you are on their side. Before you have the conversation, talk to your ex about the information you want to tell your children and what details you want to leave out.

Explain How Things Will Change

Change may be uncomfortable at first, but it is something that is inevitable with divorce. When you talk to your kids about custody, talk to them about how things will change. For example, you may have primary custody of your children while your ex will have them every other weekend. It may be helpful to put up a calendar to remind your children of the schedule.

Reassure Your Children That You Love Them

Sometimes children believe that their parents’ divorce is their fault. They may even think that their parents don’t love them anymore. During your conversation, it is important to reassure your kids that neither is true. Explain that you and your ex may not get along anymore, but you both still love them the same.

Encourage Your Children to Ask Questions

It is likely that your children will have many questions about the custody arrangement. For example, they may want to know where they will spend holidays or if they will stay at their same school. However, they may feel nervous about asking them when tensions are high. That is why you should let them know that you want them to ask questions. If you don’t know the answers to their questions yet, tell them that.

If you are going through a custody battle, it may be beneficial to speak to a reputable child custody lawyer in Modesto, CA soon.

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