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What Can a Family Lawyer Help Me With?

What Can a Family Lawyer Help Me With?

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Family lawyers are professionals in the legal field that exclusively handle matters related to family law. Such legal matters may include divorce, alimony, child custody, among many others. Family lawyers can also act as mediators in the event that family disputes arise. If a family issue does need to go to court, these lawyers can represent litigants and get them prepared for the process to come. 


Anyone who has gone through a divorce is probably going to tell you that it’s a very draining and stressful experience. Emotions set in as to what is happening, and it can get contentious quickly. A family lawyer can provide support in the divorce process so that agreements can be reached as promptly and peacefully as possible. When a spouse is not being cooperative, a lawyer can use certain strategies to coax them into moving forward. 

Prenuptial Agreements

A prenup is a contract that a couple signs prior to getting married or obtaining a civil union. The content in the contract may vary from one couple to another, but in general the goal is to write provisions that must be followed if a divorce happens. A family lawyer can assist with drafting the prenuptial agreement, as well as help if there is an issue or the prenup needs to be enforced in the future. 

Child Custody

When two people have children together and then separate, they will have to agree on how to care for them even though they will no longer be married. The spouses will have to go over a visitation schedule, what holidays will be spent with who, what school the children will attend, and so much more. Child custody can be one of the most challenging issues the couple will have to reach a solution for. A family lawyer can help parents amend child custody terms if needed. 

There are numerous ways that a family law lawyer can be of assistance to individuals and their families. If you are in search of a law firm, consider speaking with family lawyers as soon as possible, such as a professional from The McKinney Law Group.

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